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Crystal Reverb Stock Improv


Fractal Fanatic
I was going through all the stock patches and organizing them by clean, crunch, lead, etc... and I hit the Crystal Reverb patch. This is a patch I always ran across in the Ultra, but never really paid attention to. This time, I was instantly inspired as I hit an EMaj7. It sounded so damned good, I hit record and started screwing around. Here's a little clip of the improv session. There are some mistakes of course, but it's 1-take of just exploring the sound of this patch. I'm extremely impressed with how smart the effect is. Switching in and out of major/minor chords and it blends seemlessly, even breaking down into a little lead lick it still manages to hold onto the chord. I did overdub the 2nd lead fill because it was easier than cutting/pasting/lining up the one time I hit it 3 or 4 minutes in.



Very cool stuff. I've revisited all the patches after the 6.0 upgrade and I had forgotten how many great/trippy patches there were. You get kinda' locked into whatever you have programmed into your floorboard and don't cruise around a lot. Some of that stuff I needed to kind of grow into. I'll revisit this patch now after hearing this.


sounds great!! I like how you chose a neck sound for your guitar. With the high pitched crystals it all comes together and sounds huge and spacious Love it

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