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Wish Crossover Block


One of the neat features on the Axe-FX 3 is the crossover block, which can be used to drive two amps.

For the FM3, the Crossover block would also make sense, since it allows me to mix e.g. 2 different drives (Fuzz for lower freqs, Overdrive for higher freqs) to get some pretty cool sounds.
Of course, I could workaround using 2 PEQ's, but since there are only 2 (and not 4), the Crossover block would be a welcome addition.


Bump. Maybe this was removed because you can't run two amps, but for Bass sounds running an amp on the highs and just the DI on the lows is a common approach as well. You can do it with filter blocks too, but a crossover would help move the controls all to one place.


New Member
This would be really useful for Bass presets where you want to distort the high frequencies while retaining clarity and add a little compression on the low frequencies.
It works with 2 filter blocks but it's very inconvenient to set up and dial in.
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