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Crazy and cool: pedal runs on liquid


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Wacky and unique indeed....it's interesting to be able to "personalize" a circuit that affects it sonically, and in this way. This is like an audio chemistry set...:cool:

The pedal on their website which has the "Boris Karloff" knife switch on it to power it up/down is cool...fun company...I like their ethos.


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Andertons have a review of this where they tried out different stuff, like coffee, tea, water, etc to see how it sounded.


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I'm thinking this pedal could allow for true pedal/sonic "corksniffing" lol. You know, comparing different vintages of beer, wine, spirits, what have you, and describing the sonics like an overblown wine/spirit taster would.

"The 18 year The Macallan certainly has a smoother, less offensive overdrive character vs the Wild Turkey, while the 1996 Backwater Swamp Shiraz has a more effective and satisfying overall transition into breakup."


Yes not allowed to drink coke anymore (not that I consume much of poison like that anyway), after they made those horribly racist statements a few months back.

dr bonkers

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Hmmm, I wonder if pouring Mercury in there will give quick response liquid leads.

Would hot sauce up the spiciness of your licks?
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