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Crappy cell phone gig video. Ozzy’s See You On The Other Side


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Crappie cell video yes but still good enough to convey what was going on.
Sounds really good.
But you guys always sound good every time I see a video.


Sounds great, I've really become a fan of your band. I also realize how spoiled I was by the high-quality video and audio from your Aztec gig :D


What - this is a BOMB! God knows that people will see you on another gig!!! Love it. The moment Ozzy Osbourne will stop touring the world is yours.

Brian Coonan

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This is awesome - from the girl at about :45 that is just dancing on her own to the dude around 3:00 that is taking a photo op with the devil horns and all. Man, I love what music does to people (I mean that in a positive way, not a sarcastic way).

Cell phone or not - was pretty cool man! Great tone and playing.


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Thanks guys! Shows are so much more fun when the crowd gets into it.
NIce sounds great even from the crappy cell phone :D.

Did you use a vibrato or did you stick to the pitch detune +9-9 for the cleanish intro?
The pitch detune is on just for the overall chorusy effect but the warble is from a rotary block. I think on the record it’s possibly a Univibe? I’m not sure. I tried a tremolo block at first but the rotary block seemed to work better. I’ll post the preset up tonight in case anybody wants it.
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