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Crackling Sound Via USB, CPU overload and Laney equivalent Amp


Hi Guys,

Just got my AxeFXII XL+ earlier this month and upgraded it to the Ver 18.12. I am not going to talk about how awesome this unit is as everyone already knows. Just had a couple of well, should we say hiccups. Hope you all can help me out with it.;)

1. When connected to Axe edit (via USB), i get a crackling sound when i play certain presets for example Factory preset# 024 - Amp Friedman HBE. What could be the issue??

2. Whenever i add cab 2 to most presets example preset 001 and preset 013 i get CPU overload message. Is this normal for these presets?? I mean, i dont see a lot going on in those presets for it to overload anything.

3. In the Amp list, i did not see any amp based on the Laney GL100. This is a great amp and was used by Paul Gilbert a few years ago when he had the best guitar tone IMHO before moving to Marshall. Can you recommend any amp in the Axefx that is closest in sound to the Laney GL100??

Thanks a Bunch!!:)


Fractal Fanatic
1. High CPU (USB add cpu usage)

2. Any block (even bypassed) would use more CPU, somadding one more could push it above the limit.

3. Sorry, can't help.
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