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Wish CPU upgrade

Johan Allard

Power User
Well, the other that can be done is to provide more low-res versions. Like a low-res drive block and a low-res reverb, and so on. That would be great for these big live presets with many scenes and lots of things added to make sure that you can do everything within the one preset.


I wasn´t aware of the technical limitations of the circuit board, I just assumed that the CPU was interchangeable as it is on the motherboard of a PC - my bad. Also wasn´t aware that there hasn´t been any development on the applicable CPU-type since the Axe FX II came out.

Then my wish is kind of utopia, I see that. Too bad, I would be willing to pay for an upgrade. I don´t mind doing some work to reduce CPU usage, but in a few presets I hit the roof anyway when using the Axe FX as an audio interface. I can of course buy a separate audio interface to relieve the Axe FX of that workload, but going through the Axe FX is really convenient in my setup - and it´s also one of the selling points of the unit - so I was hoping to avoid that.

allard´s suggestion might be something though, if low-res versions of effect blocks are possible - and the difference is as inaudible as it is with the cab block - I would be happy with that solution! :)

Thanks for inputs, guys!


Yeah, a CPU upgrade would be nice. Unfortunately, it isn't a run-of-the-mill Intel CPU with a billion different flavors, and new flavors coming out every year. It's a specialized DSP chip that's manufactured in much more limited quantities, and the development cycle is several years long. But have no fear...the day will come. :)


Can it at least be overclocked? I have a relatively simple patch I'm working on and it gets close to or over 90% without doing much more to it.
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