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Couple of short blues recordings with the AXE FX3 Carol Ann OD2 model + Preset INSIDE!@


Great as always.

BTW, love the OD2 model. It's so thick and so multilayered. Easily beats all the Dumble models, IMO.


Power User
AXE FX 3 Direct to PC
Friedman FRFR ASC-12 for monitor
Macmull Custtom guitars

Derek Trucks style slide blues solo without a slide:p

Soulful Blues Solo

Man David love your videos that sound you get is pure magic absolutely awesome. I really look forward to your videos at the end of the day you really do an awesome job and I love that style and tone that you have.
Thanks again for Sharing :)


Everytime I see a video from you, I am not only dumbfounded about what you are doing with your hands, but also about the intensity of your playing.
I'm sure that BB King and SRV would enjoy these videos too.
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