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Country Player needs some help from a Marshall Guy!


I have good success with clean patches and low gain stuff from The AXE II but I am struggling on mid to high gain stuff that requires enough clarity for arpeggiated chords. I have attached a link to a song that I need some help selecting an amp model and settings. One clear spot to hear an example of what I am targeting starts about 1:26 and it is a overdriven chord arpeggiated. I would really appreciate some direction. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Pat Green - Carry On - YouTube


Have you tried a Drive block with your low gain presets? I think the Zen Drive and Eternity drive models (and some others) are pretty good at giving you gain while retaining some clarity.

For amps, check out one of the Badgers or Buttery - they can get some pretty good mid-gain with clarity. When you start talking really high gain, you're just going to sacrifice a bit of the clarity.

For the clip you posted, I'd try the Badger 30 and kick on a drive pedal for the lead (one of those mentioned above or a Tube Screamer).


my amp of choice for this genre right now is the brit silver...can't tell you my settings right now at work, but it's set for a perfect blend of slight breakup while rolling off the guitar volume a touch. For more gas, I max volume and for even more I set a modifier to increase the input trim .250...just about perfect setup for me.


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Total +1 on the "try the drive pedals with clean amp suggestion." For amps with this sound I'd try Vox, Matchless (boutique I think) or Wrecker. Wrecker in particular has a great ability to maintain clarity while having a fair amount of drive and is really touch sensitive.

From the sound I heard in the video at 1:26, I think there are several ways to get a usable version in the Axe II.
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