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Country Amp suggestions


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I swapped out the original H3 to a H2+, and then finally to a Duncan SH4 (JB) which definitely has a mid-growl to it. The JB seems to be the pickup I gravitate towards since the 80's. I may swap it back to the H2+ for versatility sake.

I used a Duncan JB in several guitars for a number of years... one of my favorite pickups. Likely not your best bet for getting a country sound, but I've heard guys twang like hell on gear that you wouldn't expect. Lot of it is technique. I like David Grissom's hybrid style for country- more rock influenced yet still twangs, etc. He does it all with humbuckers and Marshall type amps as well. Just depends on what type of "country" we're talkin' 'bout...


Recent country convert here, still lots to learn when it comes to that country twang, but if you want to take it seriously, I'd definitely start with a Tele, or tele-esque as others have already mentioned. Then definitely a clean to slight breakup amp (AC30, Z, Fender, etc.) with a LOT of compression AFTER the amp, before the Cab. Delay and verb and you're there for equipment. After that, it's all about technique! I'm having a ball trying to learn the country style! emphasize "trying"....

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I like the AC30TB for country, set just on the edge of breakup. Lots of natural amp sustain, so you don't even need a compressor.

But maybe it's time to re-audition the Dr Z :)


I tried the Dr.Z for this and just couldn't get it to speak to me. I like the Band Commander model.

Re compression - compress pretty hard, slow attack, turn lookahead off.

Rich G.

Just an update on progress here... I had some time to work on a Country sound. I ended up using my Duncan JB neck pickup coil tapped to get some twang going.

Here's a short sample of me playing Luke Bryan's Country Girl:

I wasn't going for the exact sound which is darker than mine. I wanted something a little brighter. The sample also has a synth path that kicks in.
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