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Copying multiple presets or even Banks in FX8 Edit


New Member
Hi all. Does anyone here have an idea about how to copy multiple presets between banks or even a complete bank? Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere already!
Thx & best regards. Stefan


Power User
Use the Preset Manager in the Tools tab in FX8-Edit. You can Cut and Paste, Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop individual or groups of presets. You can select presets in order (i.e. C1-C4) using the Shift key or select individual presets (i.e. A3, E7, G8, L1 etc...) from your list using the Ctrl/Command (PC/Mac) key. Cutting, copying or grabbing one of the selected presets will allow you to cut, copy or drag them as a group and place where you want them.

FX8 Edit shouldn't overwrite presets if you place other preset(s) in occupied slots, they should swap positions.
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