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Copy Output 1 to Output 2 - not always working?


Hi Gang,

I'm playing around with using a power amp to drive a 4x12 (using the 1/4'' out put) while at the same time running my FRFR using the XLR out (this is mostly just for extra oomph during practice whre my single FRFR solution gets a little washed out).

At any rate, some patches send signals through both, while other patches only send to the XLR output (output 1). I recall changing a setting to copy output 1 to output 2 (which I recall being a global setting), but is there somethng I"m missing? Is there something I need to do at the patch level as well?

Thanks in advance...


FX loop blocks over ride the copy/echo setting. Is there one in the preset layouts that don't work? How are you getting the signal to your power amp?


The presets not working are custom ones I did, so it's possible I have some borked up effects loop in there. Signal is going to power amp using output 2 (1/4'').

I guess the question is, can I remedy this easily through the front panel? I won't have my laptop to do editing of the patches with Axe-Edit at practice tonight. Is there a way to disable the effects loop and give priority back to the echo/copy setting?


Do you want cab sim applied to the signal going to FRFR only? If yes, you'll have to use the FX Loop block.


Thanks for the responses. Since this is only for practice (and my band mates refuse to understand anything about how FRFR works) I don't mind if the cab sim is applied to the signal going to the 4x12. It's purely for more volume and to have 4 12 inch speakers pushing air. Frankly speaking if I told them it was coming out of the 4x12 and it wasn't they might not even notice, my Yamaha 1350W powered PA speaker is the loudest hing in the room. )
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