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Cool tones with my Artcore Ibby


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I got this guitar (the artcore vibrante series) back in April fully intent on at least swapping the pickups out and modding it, but having spent a couple months with it at this point I really don't see the point when it sounds this good and vibrant right out the box. Super chewy feel and response and always inspires me to play when I pick it up. I went back and revisted an older idea and tacked on a chorus idea I've been kicking around for good measure to show it off some. Guitars are the 1987x jumped model and YA Checkmate on the left and Orange pack on the right aaaaand thats it! Found a really nice, midrangey orange IR in the V30-2 57 1B shot that complemented my go to checkmate IR really well and just let those 2 do all the work for me haha
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