Converting old .syx files (pulling off an Axe-FX II user cab) into .IR files for use in Cab Lab -- Trying to remember how to do that - any tutorials?


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Hi everyone... I want to pull some old saved User Cab .syx files (that were never .IR files saved by me) off a Axe-FX II and save them as .IR (or .WAV) files so I can then use them in cab mixing in Cab Lab 4.

I think it's not allowed normally (no easy tool) -- because people could pull Fractal factory cabs off that way, it's allowed to go IR to SYX but not the reverse...

But I seem to recall a work around, maybe it's a capture of the user .syx cab with white noise or something to create a new cab.

Anyone remember how it's done and can refresh my memory or point to a relevant old post that lays this out?

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