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Controllers have Channels!


How is it I am so many years into Fractal and didn't know this was an option? Just realized that 'Controllers' (or 'Control') has A-D channels... still figuring out what this might mean, but I see right away I could have 4 different tempos per preset, 4 different values for Scene Cntrl 1-4 per preset (without changing scenes). This could be pretty cool... I have needed to change Tempo in a preset before, had to use Tap but this would be better.

Thought maybe Channel A could have Metronome volume up, then Channel B turn it off but that doesn't work. I don't really use the other Cntrl items but many of them do work by Channel.

Learn something new...


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I believe the original Idea was partly based on being able to use a single expression pedal for multiple things. For example scene 1 you can set it up for wah, scene two you can have the same pedal control delay mix, but in order to do this you have to switch controller channels so scene 2 no longer affects the wah


Has anyone implemented this?

In Axe-Edit, if you change a modifier it seems to stick through 'controller channels'
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The internal Controllers (LFO1&2, envelope, sequencer, etc.) have channels, modifiers do not. You can still only assign one modifier to any single parameter and it's settings apply to all channels of that block. You do have the ability to make the modifier active for either one channel or all channels of the block though. This does not apply to external controllers like switches and expression pedals.

What this allows you to do is have more than one set of settings for each internal controller in a preset. For example, say you have an auto-wah set up to cycle the wah sweep using LFO 1. You can set up the different channels for LFO 1 and have different LFO shapes, rates, depths, etc.. Keep in mind though, like unix-guy said above, the channels are for all of the controllers at once. So if you are using another internal controller in that preset, its settings will change as well if you change the Controllers channel.
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