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Wish Control Switch MIDI executes internally within the Axe-Fx III


The big limitation with the FC units is that each button can only do one thing at a time, making it not possible to do something like change Amp and Cab channels or engage/bypass multiple blocks with one button. With an external MIDI controller, however, this is a piece of cake: just assign multiple blocks to the same MIDI CC # and a single MIDI command changes both.

Control Switches on the AXE FX III are able to send up to 4 MIDI commands. If these control switches could execute those MIDI commands internally within the Axe FX, that would open up the world of MIDI flexibility to FC users. This would make virtually any combination of simultaneous channel changes and effects on/off with a single button possible, satisfying many of the needs driving requests for linked blocks or exempting blocks from scenes.

Assuming the basic concept is feasible, this may be easier to implement than other ideas because it's leveraging the existing MIDI functionality. In terms of UI, all it would need is an on/off switch on the CS MIDI tab.



And please add also this midi internal on/off option to the scene midi block.

This and more control switches and the FC will be such a powerful tool for who want to do advanced control.

I already wired a midi cable from midi out to midi in of the Axe to be able to do that, but a on/off switch would be much better.
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