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Control Switch for Amp Level


If I want to use a control switch for amp level volume boost, are "Min" and "Max" the ONLY parameters I am changing? Will Min be what the current dB level the amp block is at now? And will Max be the number of dB's I want to increase it by?

For example, if my Amp block level is -4.0 dB, my min would be -4.0 and my max would be 0db for a volume boost of 4dB?


More specifically, MIN is the value when then control switch is OFF. MAX is the value when the control switch is ON.


I use the input boost for a similar effect, but it adds some real punch
But this also changes the drive characteristics and depending on amp settings may not actually change the level.

It can definitely work but the OP seems to be after a pure level increase.
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