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Conquer All v2 vs Bulb Cab Pack

I bought the bulb cab pack for the zilla 2x12s and found them a bit underwhelming.

Does any one have experience with the JST Conquer All volume 2 pack which has eq'd versions of the Zilla cabs?

The JST stuff has a great reputation to begin with so I am hoping these might be better than the stock Bulb Pack.

Thoughts. I may just buy the whole bundle and "save" a few bucks.


I absolutely love the Zilla pack!
If it's not working for you I would run through my settings before buying more sounds.

Check out Mikko's video on Input/Noise Gate
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Cab Pack Wizard
Yeah the Zilla pack kind of "has everything in it" so I would definitely love to help you get it working for you as well. All the clips and feedback have been great so far. What kind of tone are you trying to achieve? I'd love to help you out. :)
It might just be I need to work with them more. They aren't bad. I will say the presets included from Misha really aren't my speed, but thats all personal preference. And I love Periphery.

My main amps I have been using are the Friedman HBE, and the Euro Uber. I will start by working with some of the clean amps I use such as the Div 13/Lo and the AC20.

I would love some helps but I am still fairly new to the AxeFX and wouldn't know where specifically i am running into issues. I am sure its in the eq of the amp.
Thanks for the tip. I am going to start working on a new patch today or maybe modify one of my go tos. I am typically not using a drive block, but maybe I should be.
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