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Connectivity issues Axe-Fx Standard and Behringer FCB1010


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So I run an Axe-FX Standard with a Behringer FCB1010 foot controller. Everything has worked great for a long time but lately they are having issues communicating it seems. I first noticed it playing a gig and couldn't switch between presets. The foot controller seems to be working just fine (all of switches are working normally). I've tried turning both units off and on and it doesn't help. I've tried unplugging/replugging the midi cable from the foot controller and nothing happens. But sometimes if I unplug/replug the midi cable from the Axe-Fx unit itself it will start working. Sometimes it will work for a few minutes and sometimes it will be fine for days. Is it possible the midi pins on the Axe-FX unit could be worn out? Any ideas?


New here
You will have to troubleshoot this to see where the actual problem lies. This will mean testing each part of the midi signal chain to eliminate what is working correctly. Can you try the FCB1010 with another midi device? Have you tried changing the midi cable to make sure it's not that that's causing the problem (it's the most likely cause)?

If you can rule out the FCB1010 and the cable, then it must be the Axe. Try spraying the midi in socket on the Axe with some contact cleaner (e.g. servisol) and insert and withdraw the plug a few times and see if that cures it. If nothing works then you may need a local tech to replace the midi in socket on your Axe.
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