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Congrats: Mark Day now works for Tone Merchants -->


From Rig Talk owner (and Tone Merchants partner) Brad King:

"We will be launching a new site soon and letting you guys check out the shop. We have also recruited Mark Day from Canada to relocate to Hollywood and run the day to day of the shop and record clips of everything. More to come on all that in the next few weeks."

Rig-Talk • View topic - Fractal Audio Axe Fx II Pre Order List - IN HERE

Big congrats to Mark!

PLUS, Tone Merchants has a real Axe II, in store! So Cal residents unite! We are big guys.
We can take 'em! Must have that II for ourselves!
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I wonder if Mark has any idea what he's in for, living in L.A.?
Very different from laid-back Canada. Culture shock coming.
I've been here almost 20 yrs (came from Oregon) and its...an adjustment!
People in general here, have a much different vibe than other places.
I doubt he's ever seen anything like the traffic here.
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