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confused on this fx8 mark2 unit


New Member
just bought a used fx8 mark 2 unit and spent a couple days now trying to get it down.not happening thus far.seems like the effects dont get saved ,and cannot get the wah wah function in the presets to work.running the 4 cable method.my wah wah worked before.i calibrated it ect, but now doesnt work.how do u reset the unit and start all over,and which settings are recommended?any help would be appreciated greatly


Sorry you are having difficulty.
I will just say that it is difficult to troubleshoot anything without screen shots.

That said, what are you trying to achieve?
I have my FX8 set up with a Friedman BE100 4CM and it's glorious.
Channel switching, effects before and after the preamp, volume pedal, etc....

Everything is laid out in the online manual...yet if you have a specific question, feel free to ask here, there are many GURU's.

Also, using the FX-Edit software makes EVERYTHING much easier. So if you are not hooking it up to a computer, you will probably want to try that'd see how things are look form there.
If you want to do a hard reset, there should be a reset ALL in the utilities menu.

Best of Luck


New Member
hey i appreciate it ty.do u use the relay jacks for amp switching?that is my secondary goal,but am a ways away from even attempting that?


Yep, relay for channel switching.
On the software it’s easy to choose relay positions, effects in front and after preamp, etc.
Seriously makes it all much easier. You can choose the position of effects, which buttons do what...

Get the editor, it’s a free download
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