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Confused On Cables


I have a new Axe FX and MFC coming this week, i'm confused at what cables or adapters I need. Do I just need 3 XLR cables, or do I have to buy a FASlink adapter? If it's just XLR cables, does it matter the gauge? I'd like to buy them off amazon if possible so i can get them this week.

Another question, I purchased Presonus Sceptre S8 monitors. I've read people have setups where you can play music through your monitors as well. What do I need to get that to work? I see some people talking about a mixer, what's the used for?



Hey! congrats on the purchase! Regular XLR cables work wonderfully - you'll only need one to connect the Axe FX and MFC....


Fractal Fanatic
you can use a printer type 2.0 usb cable to send computer audio through the axe fx to your monitors. you will need to adjust the usb level in the I/o menu to get the play back volume up. There are many other ways to route audio through the axe fx but I assume this is what you were asking about.


Get some decent xlr cables not the 1st price.
You can get some cordial 6 meters cables for 12/15 € (read $20 or something)


Ethernet work as well between the Axe and the MFC. That's all you need between those two. XLR between the amp and AXE, or between powered speakers and the Axe.


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You said new, so I assume you're getting an XL+ and an MFC-101 Mark III. If that's the case they both will have FASLink built in. FASLink does not carry audio, so no need for a high end cable there. Fractal recommends Best-Tronics cables. Top notch quality and reasonable prices. They also sell bulk cable and connectors if you prefer to roll your own. http://btpa.com/
I use the Best-Tronics cables and they are great. I use a standard CAT5e cable to hook my MFC-101 Mark III to the Axe FX II XL+ and it works great.


Okay, I went with XLR to connect the monitors and the MFC, this works right?
Yeah, it works. But, you're going to have to give us more information on how you plan on using your Axe-Fx and MFC. You going to record with it on a computer? Just play live with it? Just play in bedroom with it? We need more information to really get you going in the right direction.
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