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Confused about User cab/IR management


This weekend I bought Moke's Boston patches for the FM3, and when it came time to load the IRs, I discovered that my user Cabs/IR don't seem to be there using the "Manage cabs" tab on FM3 Edit.

When I go to the patch itself, and click on "cab" then "picker" I see all the cab libraries, including the User1. I was surprised to see that my user cabs was completely filled (which I don't think was the case before?), and when I hit "manage" I'm given a blank library with no slots to load my user IR,

Hopefully I missed something in the updates, or maybe I'm confused between Cabs and IRs.

Another possibility is that I bought Austin Buddy's Gold Rig, and perhaps that filled up my user cab bank?

But it still seems weird that I can't access my user bank to add, move, delete, the cabs. Any help or clarification appreciated!

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
Though I can't see how this should be the case, it's possible that you just need to perform "Refresh Cab Names" from within Settings: Preferences
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