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Confused about Fender Dual Showman listing in Austin Buddy List??



I just noticed listed in the Austin Buddy 700 naked amps pack in the clean section the following:

BF Dual Showman/ -CLN
68 Bandmaster-CLN

I thought there was no Dual Showman model in the amp model list??

Or is it that he has matched a twin to a doubleshow cab?

Any ideas???


Fractal Fanatic
The Band Commander model is a 68 Bandmaster.
The Dual Showman is basically a Twin Reverb in head form with no reverb.


I think Jimi Hendrix did Electric Ladyland using one!
I like them, the AxeFX model. I find it very useful with humbuckers for a Chuck Berry grind with the Dual Showman 2x15
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