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Coming to grips with selling my amps


Since jumping into the Fractal world, I've rarely plugged into any of my amps. Thus the agonizing question? To sell or not to sell? Soldano SLO (original) Friedmans, Marshall Jubilee, etc. I've medical bills that need paying (have savings, but prefer not to dip into that) from a recent spinal fusion (another reason to sell heavy gear) but I'm still finding it hard to get rid of this stuff. Did I mention I have guitars I also do not play but...I know many of you have walked down this same path. What to do? Lol


I almost always advise hanging on to gear..lol, unless guys have need for the space (e.g. baby on the way) or other financial priorities such as in your case. I don't envy your dilemma and hope everything works out for you health-wise.


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If I owned an original Soldano I just know I would have a hard time letting it go but that’s just me! It is always cool looking in the background of videos though lol.

Seriously though .... do the right thing about letting unused stuff go to help pay something as important as health bills. Stuff can always be re-bought later.


I would try to hold on to the collectibles as long as you could. The SLO and the Jubilee if it is an original model. Anything modern off the shelf can be replaced. Those stimulus checks are coming and people are going to in a buying mood!


Sell everything you don't use to make music. I find myself actually writing music with two or three guitars out of ten and use my Axe-Fx 99% of the time over my tube amps.


I would say this, Sell all but the one you can't live without even if you never plug into it again. Just to have it there waitting for you to use it is worth keeping it. Not to mention it makes a good back up if something should unlikely happen to your FAS product.
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I had a baby on the way 18 years ago, got rid of a bunch of gear, for less than it was worth. I regret that decision. But honestly, if I still had some of that gear, I probably wouldn't use it, it's more the feeling that I lost something that was probably better in my memory than in reality.


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it's more the feeling that I lost something that was probably better in my memory than in reality.

I traded a couple guitars with a friend for his R9 Murphy Les Paul that I had coveted for years. I play it almost everyday.
But, I was missing my old guitars, and it really bugged me. When I got back to his place after some time, I immediately played them and recalled WHY I was willing to trade. :)

I miss the idea of them, but I know I wouldn't be playing them.

As far as amps, I still have three tube amps. Two are small and practical, and one is a custom job that has no resell. I like them all even though I have only fired one up in the last two years I have been in Miami. :)
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