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Coming Soon


Fractal Fanatic
Wow this is very cool indeed...I know of several guitarist who use amps that'll be very interested in this offering...congrats on the new baby!


Power User
This will probably get lost in this sea of posts, but anyways:

Are there any new effects or effects algorithms? Can we get a list of effects?

Ben Randolph

Power User
It would be interesting to see Fractal come with with the inverse of this; a unit that is JUST models and cabs....bring your own effects.

I showed a friend of mine this and he was very "meh". He told me he'd love to see just the models in one unit. So, Fractal, you've got a market for something like this (even if it's just one guy) ;-)


Fractal Fanatic
Great Product,Very Cool! If I understand correctly , no amp sims? Kinda makes it unuseable for me though.


Very cool. I'm telling you, this is a forum worth visiting every day. There is always something happening....

I was just playing with my Mesa Mark V yesterday... sort of doing some A/B stuff with my AXE. I was going to sell it, but I kept thinking... "Man... I just love this amp. I can't sell it. There will come a time where I just want this simple self contained setup (it's a combo)... but I would sure miss the effects of my AXE ..."

Loves it.:encouragement:


Remember guys:

Adding amp and cab sims to this thing = more required processing power.
More required processing power = more expensive selling price.
More expensive selling price = less competitive with other, lower priced, gear companies.

This appears to be a product geared toward the average guitarist who can't afford a $2,500 unit. That being said, I think the FX8 is going to wipe the floor with everything else in its class. Fractal Audio's quality is unmatched by any other guitar processor company out there, and I don't see that changing now.

Down the road, I'm predicting Cliff may include the amp and cab sims in a floor unit (Axe-Fx III all-in-one floor unit, anyone?), but this step definitely needed to come first.


I would have liked a few amp/cab models, but I'm sure the Fractal folks ran the numbers.

Just slap a Sansamp at the end, and you've got a killer DI solution. Can't wait. I'm in the "Shut Up and Take My Money" camp already. :)
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