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Coming Soon


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I'm out of the loop on this one- this is the first time I read about this...
In my defense- I have a baby girl due this week- so... kind of been busy with that kind of stuff...

Anyway- I wish I was more excited- the reason I'm not is I've gotten accustom (or lazy) to the preamps in the II and really have really used them over my real amps lately... Last time I played my Road King- I thought it sounded harsh compared to what I've been used to...

A while ago- I used a G-System... Halfway through reading the posts I saw a photo of the back of the unit- I saw USB...before I got up to that point I figured it may have a optical out- and the G-System has it- and it is the absolute stupidest thing in the world...

So my suggesting in reading these posts and using the G-System...
The new unit should have maybe one spot for on IR. In case someone wanted to use two mono outs- one to maybe a mixer or a monitor or something...

I'm guessing the usb might have some audio interface capability- if there isn't an IR of some sort or at least a spot/place for one- It will be harsh and unusable

I never understood why the G-System had a spidf when it was designed for 4 cable and the sound it puts out is completely useless/painful to most.

Or at a minimum- do something like what the Sansamp PSA-1 has... one of the knobs (maybe high or something) can act as a speaker/cab simulation where it cuts off the painful shrill top end and allows some sort of direct application. Like a special eq/filter option in one of the blocks.


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I think we'll have to know price and other details before a pre order
Agreed. I love my AxeFX II XL and it might be handy to have a grab-and-go pedalboard version of those effects as well. I'm interested in knowing the price, physical size, and capabilities.


Nice Cliff! Looks slick! :)

I no longer have an application for an effects only platform (sold the last of my amps today) but I know that there's a market for a product like this. I'll be watching to see how this progresses.


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I am guessing the FX8 is a little farther away than most of us would like... I figure we would have some clips\vids if it was releasing soon.

Any idea on the size of the unit? Need to figure if it will fit on my board...


I sold my AXE-FXII about 9 months ago. I spent to much time tinkering and adjusting parameters instead of playing guitar. I went back to my Bogner XTC half stack (I couldn't be happier with my Amp sound now) and bought a line 6 M13.

I want one of these units to replace my M13. Despite never finding the Amp sound I was looking for I absolutely loved the Fractal effects.

Can I pre-order one or sign up for the wait list now?


I bought a mesa dual rec last week just to use with the FX8.
I love my axe fx 2 for the home studio. Could not beat it with anything on the market.

But for live use I really do love an actual amp.
Had to buy a couple of stomp boxes to make the thing to what I want until the FX8 is released though :(


One ting that I really liked about the G-System was how it was able to split itself in half and have the foot board separate from the brain (mounted underneath the g system and attached via Cat5) and the floor board can be on stage while everything else (I/O Cables - power etc) can be in a rack - even if that rack is a single space - Versatile and then some - Sounds like a little thing - but can be huge


Greetings. Will this unit have any amp models? If only a few it will seal the deal, count me in. If only effects, i'll stick to my pedalboard. Thank you.


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Greetings. Will this unit have any amp models? If only a few it will seal the deal, count me in. If only effects, i'll stick to my pedalboard. Thank you.
From the first page:
Just effects. Specifically designed for 4CM with dedicated pre- and post- paths. Up to 8 simultaneous effects. Any number assignable pre/post. Any combination of series or parallel routing. Two expression pedal inputs, four relay outputs. USB for remote editing with free FX8-Edit software. Silent Switch technology from the MFC Mark III. True Bypass. Etc., etc. Don't drop it on your foot.
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