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Coming soon...


I think the "early 80s" hint was a ploy to keep perpetuating the thread.

It's gotta be Piano Man. Can't seem to get that tone no matter how hard I try.


Fractal Fanatic
I think he finished the preset, but it turned out to be so good that he couldn't stop playing.

Which reminds me of a story:
We had a Thursday night jam session in Huntington Beach more than 15 years ago, when these things were still a thing.
The host guys would fill in any instruments when was needed.
My friend (bass) and I (guitar) went on stage with a random keyboard player, so the host went behind the drums.
He was not really great drummer, but he was ok.
We were just jamming/improvising for about 10 mins, when I looked at "my band" giving them the cue to stop at the end of the bar.
Well almost did it, but the drummer didn't get the cue, so we did another round. I looked at the drummer, he nodded.
khm, well he missed it again. He got little nervous and started to play faster. Another try, these time all band members staring at the drummer. I hold up my guitar, so everybody will be in sync and ... missed it again.
You could see the drummer's face turn into panic mode. We still play one more, faster, and faster and.... missed it.
That point I just walked off stage and the other members fallowed me ... except the drummer who was still playing, in full panic, faster and faster ... when he fall off behind the stage.

So getting back to the topic, someone should go over to the OP's house and knock him off the guitar, so he can share that preset.
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