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Coming from Axe-Fx 2 XL+


Hi guys
I receive my FM3 today, I’ve had my XL+ from new since 2015 and still love it to this day. Is there anything different I need to know that’ll catch me out or is it basically same deal as the XL+ just better sound. So any tips I may need as a day one FM3 user? I run two Xitone passive wedges power by a Matrix GT1000 power amp. Oh one last thing would it really be worth importing any of my XL+ presets or just start from scratch? I’m thinking the latter.


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It's the same workflow, setup, etc imo, just better UI and more options. Some minor changes, but for me it's the same experience.

I got an FM3 last July,I spent the time manually transferring most of my effect blocks library as after 8 years with the II, I have an extensive library. I didn't want any issues so I avoided using fractool trying to convert just and did it all manually.

As for amp modeling... start over, but honestly probably best to not go to crazy... major update to Cygnus FW is coming which will require redoing all your amps again.... you been around since 2015, im sure you know how it works.

Have fun


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It would be insane to attempt to encapsulate the last nearly a year's worth of experience into a handy dandy digest for you.

I would suggest searching through the forum for keywords about issues you may have. Other than constantly rehashed footswitch questions and complaints, your user experience coming from the II XL+ is pretty much the same, but with color. The wheel didn't get reinvented, just improved.

Your number 1 search should be on youtube for @2112 (Leon Todd) and @chris (AxeFXTutorials), followed by paying money for @Cooper Carter 's paid tutorials. Or vice versa. Whatever. It's all good.
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