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Comet Concourse Settings


Cliff or anybody?????

I was trying to duplicate some of the sound sample settings as posted on the Komet website.

Komet Amplifiers - Concorde

Mississippi - ( rhythm track ): Hi Cut: 11:00, Presence: 11:00, Bass: 10:30, Middle: 11:30 o’clock, Treble: 12:00, Volume: 11:00; ( lead track ) same settings except volume at 1:00.

Would volume (amp) be equivalent to master volume (AxeII)?
What on the AxeII would be equivalent to Hi Cut?
How does Drive on the AxeII fit in the picture?
Other suggestions?

I tried duplicating these setting:
  • assumed all Komet website values were clock based values
  • Used Hi cut in the AxeII Power params - set to 11 o'clock
  • set AxeII Master Volume between 11-1 o'clock
  • set Drive between 8-9 (AxeII values)

Didn't even sound close.


Fractal Fanatic
Same type of cab/ir? Les Paul? What kind of pup´s?

That was recorded with a 1955 Les Paul special (P90)

All soundbytes recorded on a 1968 Marshall 4 x 12 “ A “ cabinet with original pre Rola G12H 30 Watt Celestion speakers.
All guitars were tracked with NO effects, a touch of Delay and Reverb were added to the mixes afterwards to give the tracks some ambience. No Boost pedals were used.
Recording Mics used: a vintage Shure SM 57, and a handmade condenser Brauner.
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Fractal Audio Systems
Volume = Drive

There is no Hi-Cut parameter for this model. Not sure what you are referring to. Use the EQ page to reduce the highs, if desired.

Without an IR of the cabinet any comparisons are pointless.


Sorry I wasn't more clear. I'm not trying for exact duplication. I just want to get in the ballpark.
It was a nice surprise to find those sound bites and sample settings on their website to try out.

My real question is how best to attempt to match the knob control settings from the website with the amp settings in the AxeII.

I'm using an LTD MH401FM with Wolftone Legend humbucker pickups. The stereo cab combo I tried was 4x12 Basketweave G12M25 and 4x12 German V30.
When I said 'didn't even sound close', I was referring mainly to the level of overdrive. What I dialed up was more toward the mid-gain spectrum.


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This is a non master volume amp, so set the master to 10 (fully clockwise), drive to about noon and you are in the ballpark. You can start with the default settings of the amp, except for presence they are pretty close to the settings stated in your OP.

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It's a great model! I dialed up a sweet, thick lead tone on Saturday and used it live Sunday. I really liked it! It took me to a different place.

I tried all the V30's in the AxeII when I built the patch and found one I liked. The IR's do make a big difference. However, it has a bit too much "nasal" tone going on so I just picked up Ownhammer's V31. It will be interesting to see where that takes me.

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