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Bug? Colors set in the Cab Picker are not saved?


Two times (two different days), over multiple hours, I tried out hundreds of factory cabs. I assigned a lot of colors to cabs. After the first time (the next day), everything I saved went missing. On Friday night I sat through it again, only to see that the colors that I set that day are now also completely lost.
Did I do something wrong?
While I went through the cabs I saved my example preset multiple times, but I don't know if the color configuration is even saved on the device.

In the Fm3-Edit application settings I found a file called "color-assignments_iii.dat" which must be the holder of this information. The file shows exactly the same content that the cab picker says: An outdated version of my color configuration.

So is color saving broken or am I doing it wrong? I don't want to lose another couple of hours the next time I do it.

FM3-Edit v.1.04.01 (was already installed before saving my big batch of cab shootout results)
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