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Collective Soul tones


Fractal Fanatic
I've always been a huge fan of Collective Soul, but it wasn't until I saw them perform on Friday that I realized how much they've influenced my guitar sound. Everything from riffs to basic tone... when they played "Why pt 2" I realized this was the tone I've been searching for, but I need your help.

I found a rig setup online, but it showed Ross using a 5150. On Friday, they had JCM2000's on the stage, which they could be using strictly for endorsement purposes.

Does anybody have any good Collective Soul tones? Specifically, the tones on "Shine" and "Why pt 2" are what I'm looking for.


Joel Kosche is a big Vox van and endorser. Here's a snap of his rig circa '07 courtesy this thread on TGP:


Splawn, Marshall, Vox and two Marshall cabs. Blend to taste I suppose.
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