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Cliff, need a bunch of amps to model?


I love seeing giant collections like this.

I remember seeing another person post some pictures of their stuff one time, guy had like 1000 guitars, pretty crazy. I can't find it now though.


I too, ART sge in front of crate combo, mmmmmmmm awesome.
Wow, a whole cadre of ART SGX's!! The 18 year old me would be salivating. And to think, I used to run one of those into the front end of a Crate combo and I thought I was in tone heaven back then.
I had an SGX2000 and X15... I was in the first batch of pre-order units from Musicians Friend.

Waited almost 9 months for that thing, which I rocked into a power amp and some Peavey Butcher-series 4x12 cabs...

Worked well for rock/metal stuff back in the day. That's where i first learned the power of midi and continuous controllers. That was a pretty capable unit, from what I can remember!

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