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What Is everyone’s favorite clean sound in the Factory presets? I kind of like EJ Clean. Anybody else have any other preferences?


In the fenders I've always had luck with the vibroverbs though my favorite now is probably the 5f8 tweed (try the fat switch). The Carr is great (usually needs bass cut). The new matchless is great.


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This must be a test of reading comprehension.:p
I like the EJ Clean as well but spend more time with the heavy 'verb stuff like Ambience and Ambient Swirl.


The fenders sound great.
The super reverb sounds like my 64 super reverb !! Remarkably so!
Ac-20 was nice.
Ive actually played a bunch that sound great!!


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JM45 with gain around 1.00 and playing with the vol knob.
Great highs without harshness and when turning the vol knob further up some compression and dirt from the low mids.
Not really that clean though...
New to Fractal and the Axe III. Trying to sort through factory presets now and do a little categorizing of my faves. I started by separating out my top clean tones and my clean list is now 27 presets :). Love most of the ones above but would add the Plexi 50. That is a beauty.

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The 6G12 Concert is great with a good cab IR. I am using a Super 4x10 with C10Rs, which is the closest to reality I could find. The real '60 that was at a shop near here had P10Rs, which had AlNiCo magnets instead of ceramic like the C10Rs do....
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