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Clean Warm Tone: Double Verb Vibe


Hey, Gang...

I'm using mostly the Double Verb Vibe for my clean warm tone... I continue to look for a "thicker" or "richer" sound though... More chime...

I realize this is a loaded question but any suggestions on IRs or amp settings? Commercial IR suggestions or mixes are welcome as I have quite a few IRs so I'm likely able to test and suggestions without making another purchase.

I'm still learning and tinkering with amp settings beyond the basics.

Thanx all...

UPDATE: I just tried the Deluxe Verb Vibe model and I think this is a step in the right direction for the tone I'm searching for...
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Have you tried the Tucana?
Yes... Just tried it last night and I really like it too... Good call. Any suggestions on factory IRs? Commercial suggestions are welcome too as I have CabLab and several commercial IR packages.

Thanx. .
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