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Clean Fender Funk with 8 scenes and envelope filters


yeah, i do use a bit of 12 string effect on my piezo acoustic patch. i use two pitch blocks in parallel. the first is a detune (one voice only) with the low cut at about 400hz and the second is a fixed pitch at +12 (one voice only) with the high cut at 2000hz. the idea of using the cuts is to try and make the shifts audible on the lower strings only and the detune on the higher strings only. kinda works ok if it's not mixed in too loud. remember to run parallel blocks at 100% mix.

I do something very similar.

For the detune I put an envelope modifier on the pitch and vary from 0-9 cents detune based on picking strength.

The idea being that the harder you dig in on a real 12 string the more out of tune the string pairs sound.


Converted this one with Fractaal to AX8, but run into some problems.
How is the wiring supposed to go from the phaser?
Cause with this I get no sound (of course)
Fender Funk.png

Then I will also get some things out to become below high cpu usage.


put a send block after the phaser and a return block in front of the comp. it's how you join the end of one row to the beginning of another


Did this very cool looking preset ever get converted to the AX8 or do the blocks translate well with Fractool?
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