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Classic Rock Amp Suggestions


New Member
Hey Expert Axe users, which amps should I audition to get some Classic Rock tones on the AX8.

Not too heavy (this time), think of 38 Special, Bad Company, Doobie Brothers etc.


Randall d

JTM 45, Plexi 100W Jumped, Buttery. For clean tones try AC30, Fender Deluxe, and the Keith Urban Twin (can't remember the model number).


Fractal Fanatic
1959SLP. Try a variety of the Marshall 4x12 cabs to find the one that works best for you.

So many great options...


Start with the plexi-based models. More classic rock tunes were recorded with them than pretty much anything else.

Which one is best? Depends on your ears and your mood.


Fractal Fanatic
The Triptiks and Maz 38 sound good on this genre, I have been using the Tucana a lot lately and found it very versatile. As other have mentioned, hard to go wrong with the Marshalls. Eighties versions of rock stuff you can also try the Soldano SLO (I think 38 Special used one too), and the CAE stuff. It's all good.
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