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Wish "Classic" Ring Mod Pitch Detection Option


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Hey Team,

Loving all of the updates being made to the Firmware (the tones just keep getting better and better!) But since firmware 12.08 the ring modulator pitch detection seems to have lost its mojo and doesn't track low notes as well as it used to. The previous algorithm for ring modulator pitch tracking was perfect. Could there maybe be an option to select between the newer 12.08 pitch detection and the old one? Maybe the options are called "Classic" and "Modern" or something like that. The older pitch detection for the ring mod really had some awesomeness to it and really differentiated the AxeFX III from other modelers out there.

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To have the older pitch detection in the Ring Mod as an option would be great. The addition of the two different Single Sideband types are a big improvement in the Ring Mod block ;-)
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