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Class D amplifiers on a chip.


Fractal Fanatic
I'm not sure if anyone has delved into these tiny, ultra light amplifier modules. They can pump out a decent amount of power in tiny packages.
Any experience?
Parts Express has a ton of models for sale, from the tiny 10W to several hundred watts. Most in the sub $100 range.
Some major brands are now into this, packaged and made pretty and branded for added cost. But I suspect the chips to be of the same class on all of them (TI).
A while back I bought a cheap tpa3116 populated board off eBay and stuck it in a box. Very cheap, mostly flat but the high end didn’t seem right to me, like it had a slight roll of or something. Matrix power amp sounded better so the little class d box now gets used for bass and that’s it.

I did some research on how class D works, interesting stuff, but from what I remember it will have trouble with the highs and lows which is why many higher end class D gear will have some level of DSP correction.

the icepower modules seem to be very well regarded but they’re pricy. I believe the SD powerstage uses an icepower module.
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