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Clapton's Marshall stack live at Filmore East March 10th 1968?


Hi everyone,

I'm building a rig in Axe edit based on Clapton's Marshall stack used live at Filmore East March 10th 1968. This is the show the famous version of 'Crossroads' was recorded at, as seen in Black and white footage.

My understanding is Clapton possibly switched to the 100watt Suplerleads and 30watt G12H cabs on return from this US tour to the UK in '67. Cabs prior to this would have been 20 or 25 watt , the 25 Celestions cabs had the 100 badge on them I think.

I think in the early Cream's days he was using JTM 100 Marshall and KT-66 tubes.

So, I think for this performance Clapton would have been using the 1959 100watt on the Normal channel, two of them fed with a Y-splitter from the wah into the two heads. He didn't jump feed on amp to the other as was the more common practice from what I have researched.

The closest amp model in the Axe FX 2 XL would then be - 171 Plexi 100 watt normal - I think and for cabs I am using F034 basketweave G12H30 (RW). I am testing the preset through headphones only at this stage and using a Variax ES335 model but testing with a '95 Les Paul Plus and a Flying V too.

Getting good results with a concert reverb with 33% added Room in the cab blocks.

Working on some 'Older' tone presets to add to the library, I don't think there are enough of them in Axe Xchange, Chuck Berry etc. Gonna make a few and put them up. :)

A mate who plays bass want me to record it so he can play bass on it for a college thing and video his recording pass (take).

So, if you have any ideas or knowledge to add I would be grateful and would appreciate your input. :)
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