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Chromebook for FM3 and Axe3?


I just got a Acer Chromebook spin 713 intel i5-10210U 1.6Ghz 8GB Ram 128GB SSD Chrome OS. I'm getting use to OS operating system and how Google is linked into everything. My first need for this was to load sheet music and get all paper off the floor, hence getting this size of a tablet so that the sheet music is easy to read even though I still need glasses. I'm almost 69. Is this good enough for loading the Axe III and FM-3 files, editor and presets etc.? Or keep using my wife's laptop. Also is it best to load onto the SSD or use the Google drive, which I believe is their cloud? For the sheet music app I'm using I had to load them into the Google drive, no biggie. Also getting use the new USB-C ports. Any tips appreciated. Thanks Gary


I considered going either iPad Pro or Chromebook but no dice for Fractal. Gave up and bought a MacBook Air.
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