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Choptones Angel Scream Preset Pack.

Discussion in 'Axe-Fx II Discussion' started by Brian Greco, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Brian Greco

    Brian Greco
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    May 8, 2018
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    Hi everyone,

    I hope everybody’s doing well.

    I just wanted to know if anyone has tried the Choptones Angel Scream Pack yet? I have been having a blast making my own presets, but I was just looking for something that closely resembled any high gain angle amp. I know we have a few stock amps and cabs to try to achieve Engl presets, but I find that for me Engl tones are the most challenging to replicate. I looked on the Fractal wiki description of the ES120 but I sill can’t nail it. it’s very difficult to come close to the real thing even with TM.

    This particular preset pack attempts to model the Engle Screamer 335. I typically play in standard E tuning even with metal, but the guitarist(s) that showcase the preset pack are tuned down and it’s difficult for me to really tell what’s the tone actually sound like.

    The preset pack itself is just under $50, which is a little bit pricey for me right now, especially if it doesn’t sound that close to the real thing. I’ll wait for a coupon to come out and MAYBE purchase the pack if I get some good feedback from here.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this post and respond.

    All the best.

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