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Chef's Breaking the Silence


Hey Chef have you had any luck with the lead tones on that album? I always loved that lead tone...

Great work on the tone as usual!


Love how this patch is so dynamic and reacts well to guitar vol changes as far as cleaning up and retaining tone!
I like how you dial in the distortion yet has a low background noise even when the gates are not engaged.
Sweet patch, thank you for posting it!8)

Jan Geerts

!?! It's Queensryche dude. They have some of the best sounding albums ever made. And they sound incredible live.
They were one of my fave bands as a teen, despite of the guitarsound. Apart from the ep, the guitars always sounded thin too me. They were creative with production, but often not succesful imo. Warning could have sounded a whole lot better, check the production story, Rage was a horrible 80's mess, with a couple of their best tunes though, whichnsounded much better live, Mindcrime was ok, but still too thin for me. Now the drums and vocals, they were always killer.
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