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Cheap Flat Frequency Response Power Amp


You might consider Behringer iNuke NU 1000, not the best on the market but for the money they do pretty good. You can find them used in that price range in the usual places.


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I will only use it for general home playing use
In that case the EHX Mgnum 44 is a GREAT choice-it will give you enough power, it is cheap and you can get two to drive two boxes in stereo.
That's plenty loud without it going into overdrive.
What are you planning to run with it?


There are a few... VHT 2/50/2 comes to mind but the main problem is they don't stay flay! As time goes on component specs drift as to how noticeable it is I can't say. That said they do sound really good for a while but then you are replacing tube$. The only way for consistency is solid state.

The general rule of thumb is 3-5 times the tube power rating for clean (undistorted) headroom at volume. So depending on how loud you want to be and the tube amp you are used to dealing with it could be 15 to 500 watts SS power!
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Kind of off topic but are the power amps in a typical full tube amplifier have a “flat” response up to a certain volume point?

Even my 2/50/2 is noticeably coloured compared to something flat like my matrix solidstate power amp, even at very low levels.

It is quite neutral compared to any other tube power amp I’ve used, but I would never call it flat response.

Fryette’s power station is supposedly quite flat, but I’ve never tried one.


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Rack units for home use? You have a number of used options you could try to track down...

Rocktron Velocity 100/300
Marshall 8004 or 8008
Mosvalve MV-982 (1U)
ADA Microfet/Microtube series

Those are all guitar oriented units and vary in price but most of them are gonna be voiced as clean power for guitar under most home conditions, I would think.

You are probably not going to find that 'Harley Benton' thing in the states.

And then of course PA power amps, but most of those are 2 spaces...

Carvin DCM200L

come immediately to mind... Not sure of too many other options...
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