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Cheap Cab Surprisingly Good


So I needed a 2x12 for the band practice space because I was sick of hauling my Mission Gemini-2P due its weight, and I looked around at some second-hand shops. I ended up buying a cab that was made by Seismic Audio which someone had put Eminence Man O Wars in. I got it for cheap and when I brought it home and turned cab modeling off on the AFXII I couldn't believe how good it sounded for how little I paid. A couple days ago I re-wired the jackplate so it would run in stereo, and it still sounded excellent. Only downside is that the speakers are 16 ohm, so in stereo I'm not going to get as much volume as I would with the Mission cab, but its only for the practice space anyways. I guess the moral of the story is, don't judge a cab by its price tag! Have you guys had any experiences like this?


I 2nd this. Seismic is local here so I thought I would try their monitors here. I picked up 3 of their 15" monitors for the practice space and man these are good for the $$$. Seriously loud and clear. What I also like is the monitors can be pole mounted so a pair can be used as PA speakers for a small gig.


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Speaking of cheap cabs

I loved B52 cabs for a while- before i could afford mesas...

all made in the usa, and built like tanks- and the speakers are all proprietary and sound great

so if you see one for 80-100 bucks check it out
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