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Charles Berthoud - if you haven't checked this out yet...

Doc Rock

Charles Berthoud is a UK-born bass player who now lives and works in Boston, USA.

Renowned for two-handed tapping technique, as well as his slapping, he studied under numerous bass luminaries including Victor Wooten.

He plays a Le Fay 4-string bass, as well as a piccolo version of one of those. But not only is his playing technique stunning (and how!!!), his sound and tone are remarkable. The clarity, level consistency, etc really stand out. He obviously uses compression, but I don't know what type or what settings. He uses primarily Logic Pro for recording, but I don't know what 3rd party plugins (if any) he uses.

Check this out - only a small sampling of what he can do. Gotta love Johann Sebastian Barbie...! :)

Any further info re gear, recording setup etc if anyone knows, would be very enlightening.

And live with 200 drummers:

Turn the volume way UP...!
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