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channel switching question - Mesa MK V 35 watts


Does anyone here owns both a FX8 and a Mesa Boogie Mk V:35 ? If so, how does the channel switching works with the relay on the FX8, as the Mesa footswitch is not a mono one ? I'm considering getting a FX8 but only if here's way to channel switch the Mesa, or any other amp using multi functions footswitches... Thanks !
Hi, I can confirm that this cable works as advertised. You can control all of the functions of the Mesa Mark 35 through the fx8 with that cable. This is my current rig and could not be happier.
There is the smallest midi solution for V:35 and other Mesa Boogie at all
I cann't paste any link now but google "EM CUSTOM midi interfaces mesa boogie eng"
No custom cable needed.
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