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Changing tones from recording to live playing? Need help cutting highs!


Hey guys-

I've started a few threads on this topic but have yet to have much success achieving a certain 'fullness' I come to expect from my traditional guitar rig. I downloaded a few patches over at the preset exchange that were john mayer inspired. I can link the thread, but don't have the link handy right now.

Anyways, the patches sound AWESOME at lower volumes, but when cranked through my matrix q12a, they are definitely overly bright and harsh. I'm also playing a Suhr S-4, which is a very bright guitar.

Cutting back on the treble/bright switch sort of works, but I can't seem to retain the fullness of the patch. Does anyone have any tips for translating recorded/low volume patches into higher volume, live patches? There's so many EQ's and options with EQing on the axe, that I'm a little unsure whether to use the bass, mid, treble on the amp block, add a PEQ after the amp, use the GEQ in the amp, adjust the speaker resonance. Where do you guys start?



Try upping the Low Freq Resonance in the Amp Block SPKR page.

Just roll it up slowly while playing to get more nads in the tone.
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