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Chair, yes chair

Scott Peterson

Global Moderator
I always thought these were fun looking, except for the price.

Swopper Chair

I have a Swopper. It is great to play on but you cannot do all day in an office sitting on it working at the computer. No way. I've tried.

I used to have a Herman Millar Areon - it was great except when I had the arms down low and pivoted in it to play guitar, the front of the frame would make my leg numb.

I have a Humanscale Freedom Chair, the arms drop all the way down and it's a fantastic chair... though pricy. I've had it about 5-6 years now I think.

My chair is titanium (light), comfortable, with no arms, rolls quickly (downhill), and turns on a dime. :D
Oh Craig. LOL.

Kamil Kisiel

Power User
I heart the Herman-Miller Aeron chair I, uh, "liberated" from an office we were closing like a decade ago. You can push the arms down super low on the frame so they're well out of the way of guitar bodies.
I didn't know Aerons can have their armrests go low enough to play guitar in. I have one at the office and I love it. Looks like I might have to get one for my studio... there's hundreds of them on Craigslist


Fractal Fanatic
Don’t know if it’s the same in your country but here in Straya, chairs have a rating that is measured in the number of hours they can be safely and comfortably sat in. (Imagine the crew that define such standards ha!)

To me, besides comfort and the amount of hours to sit in it, of crucial importance is no squeaks, creaks, or other noise from the chair. Don’t know how many acoustic guitar recordings have been ruined by chair noise but it can be a significant problem... so...lubricate all the moving parts well, tighten anything that may rattle, and steer clear of leather as that creaks like an old sailboat!

You have reminded me - I need to replace the chair in my studio....that’s been there for 20 years... more money dammit.


I need a good quality chair for sitting on for extended periods of time for practicing guitar.
Recently I have developed some minor pain in the back of my leg due to what I believe was a cheep chair.
Probably nerve pain.

I think it will have to be without arm rests.

I also think it is going to have to have a great cushion

I would appreciate your input!


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I've used a RocNSoc for around 15yrs. It fits into those tight "orchestra" situations and stays comfortable for the entire show. The adjustable backrest helped with my back problems too.


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Thanks guys for all the feedback and suggestions! I'm going to take a closer look at the ones recommended here this week.


I use a ROC-N-SOC drum throne. I got the Lunar series one with feet, and hydraulic height adjustment. I added the backrest. I don't know if it's perfect, but it's the best I've found for me. I had an instructor that had a few of them in his studio, and I liked using them.
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