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This is my first posted recording. I've been frequenting this most excellent forum for about three years now and thought it was time to post something for your listening pleasure.

I'm sure it's not for everyone but it was a blast making it on the fly none the less.

This is an Ambient/Experimental impromptu jam recorded just for fun.
It's a live in the room, one take, one track, with no post processing recording done in my home studio. I got creative @ four in the morning. (I'm sure my neighbors are gonna love me. I think i saw some paint peeling off the side of their house.)

Recorded with a Boss MICRO-BR using a 'Fractal Audio AXE-FX Ultra' with 2 Powered Atomics FR's and my MIDI equipped '1964 Fender Jazzmaster' and a huge stack of various vintage synths. I run the synths through my PA system.
Watch the volume, It's recorded HOT!

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