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FS Celestion F12M-150 Triple Cone -Full Range Live Response speaker $110 shipped in US


Had this in my katana used it as a powered FRFR for my Fractal - very few hours on it.

The Triple Cone Full Range LIVE Response Speaker - Celestion

The F12M-150 Triple Cone is a new guitar speaker designed for use with profiling amps, modeling software, impulse responses, and the technology for emulating guitar amps and speaker cabinets. Digital tone-emulation technology is more popular than ever, and guitarists who use it require...
• Nominal diameter: 12”.
• Power rating: 150W.
• Impedance: 8Ω.
• Sensitivity: 96dB.
• Chassis type: Pressed steel.
• Voice coil diameter: 2”.
• Voice coil material: Round copper.
• Magnet type: Ceramic.
• Frequency Range: 60 – 12,000Hz.
• Resonance frequency (LF): 60Hz.


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